The "Of Heaven & Hell" series is read and loved by our readers from all over the world!
Here's what some of them had to say! We've truncated their reviews so that we could feature as many as possible!

"I finished reading Genesis 2 weeks ago and couldn’t wait to pick up Apocalypse. I’m really enjoying reading your books, they are written so well and so descriptively... my mind easily imagines the book in a real life or cartoon style movie. I can’t wait to read what’s coming in the future pages!"

Dana Burton (Australia)

"I was honestly hooked, all the way throughout, the war with AMC 10, retrieving Vesperia from the Russians and all; thought the supernatural elements were introduced very gradually and blended well into what was a modern warfare/technology advanced civilization that we live in today. The book ended off well, with the cliff-hanger ending leaving me craving for the next book!"

Sam Schuster (Singapore)

"While maintaining the accuracy of the information provided by the Bible, the author managed to cultivate his own ideas about the current and up to date social, economic, and political issues. Overall, I think Apocalypse is a well written book and I look forward to reading the third book!"

Hans Airy (Indonesia)

"I finished reading it. One things for sure are a great writer I've read many books but nobody caught my attention like your book did...Its true...I’m gonna be honest to tell you that I don’t read much of the Bible but you opened my eyes to it and for that I thank you a lot!"

Ana Fe Estaban (The Philippines)

"The writing is on par with other bestselling novels I’ve read. The characters are plausible. Their dialogue is authentic. The story marries reality and conjecture so seamlessly as it unfolds that the reader would find it difficult to separate fact from fiction. The storyline has all the ingredients to make it a blockbuster; with suspense, adventure, romance, supernatural, espionage, wars, intrigue, morality and religion."

Ruby De Cruz (Malaysia)

"Genesis delivers a vivid and lucid description of the battle in the heavenly realm that is invisible yet real and powerful. Written for the average casual reader, this book is perfect for one who is curious about heaven and hell but not ready for a sombre and formal study of such a heavy topic."

Andre Tanzil (Indonesia)
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