Our Team

Luke Robert (The Storyteller)

Luke founded Heaven & Hell Studios to combine his passion for writing with his belief in impacting and changing destinies for the kingdom of God. He is also a pioneer of Evangelion Fiction.

Jeseca Robert (The Editor)

Jeseca loves the English language and employs her huge experience and awesome skills towards editing all media content produced from within our little media empire.

Matthew Attard (The Artist)

Matthew uses digital media to create all sorts of conceptual fantasy, sci-fi and illustrative artworks for a variety of people and purposes. Check out his work at deviantart.

Erwin Li (The Tech Guy)

Erwin Li brings designs to life with a focus on Front-End web development. He has a strong understanding of SEO/SEM, Internet and Social Media Marketing.

About Us

Since 2011, we have been creating content that is entertaining yet purposeful, content that inspires beyond the pages of a story and challenges the reader’s sense of logic and spirituality.

We envision ourselves as the leading content provider of Evangelion Fiction entertainment in the world through the publication and licensing of content across various media platforms.

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